Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Growth Spurt!

At long last my shopping addiction has served me well. For many years my husband has complained of my excessive shopping habit and I always find a way to rationalize my purchases...

My daughter Kayla will be 20 months within the next couple of days; however she has had 24mos, 2T and 3T items in her closet since as long as I could remember. Up until recently, I had to endure the constant questions like "Why are you buying all these clothes she cant fit yet ?" or dealing with the I told you so's when she skips a size and we have a ton of unworn clothes.

Recently, he was finally able to feel my pain as he tried to squeeze her into some 18-24month pants that should have been loose and ended up looking like jeggings. So being the wonderful shopaholic wife that I am, I happily went over to Kayla's closet and pulled out a 2T outfit which fit just fine, I was even able to explain to him the importance of having a few items in a size up just in case she has a growth spurt and seemingly jumps into the next size overnight so that we are prepared.

Oh it felt so good to finally use one of my Shopaholic excuses and it be 100% true and get this, I think I may actually be able to get away with shopping for another day or so without curious looks from the spouse!

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