About The Mama Mosaic

What is Baby Planning & Consulting?

A Baby Planner and Consultant does for  an expectant mother what a Wedding Planner does for a Bride. The Baby Planner is there to work with the expectant families to achieve all of their pregnancy goals. These goals may include learning more about birthing options, local resources, how to green your nursery ora number of other services like registry, baby shower and nursery planning.

What is the Mama Mosaic?

I started the Mama Mosaic for a number of reasons. While pregnant with my first child I was all alone in a new state, working a full time job and at times just plain fat, tired and pregnant! I wish I had someone their to assist me with some of the things I either did not want to take on alone or did not have the expertise to handle. Another hurdle during my pregnancy was the overwhelming amounts of information on some topics and then the limited amounts of information available to expectant mothers of color. In creating this company I wanted to ensure all mothers who wanted to enjoy their pregnancy could have someone to lean on either for guidance, education and support. Your pregnancy is a special time and stress should not get in the way of that. I hope that my blog serves as a resource to you and that  I can one day work with you to achieve your pregancy goals!