Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Central Ohio Facing a Shortage of Mother's Milk

Just today I heard reports of a shortage of donor breast milk across the nation. The Mothers Milk Bank of Central Ohio ships donor milk to 12 hospitals across the country and Canada. Recently increased demands have attributed to a shortage; hospitals normally recieve six weeks of milk supply, but are only recieving 10 days because of the shortage.

Donor Milk is important because when mothers are unable to provide breastmilk, pastuerized donor milk is used to provide nutrients, imunity protections, growth hormones, development enzymes, infection fighting and immunological factors found in own mothers milk.

If you are currently a lactating woman or know one willing and able to donate milk please contact the Mothers Milk Bank of Central Ohio at 614-544-0810.

"To become a volunteer donor, mothers must take part in a stringent screening process to ensure the quality and safety of the milk." find out more on under maternity services. or email

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