Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Mama's Top Valentine's Day Wishes!

It is almost Valentine's Day and while other women will be receiving flowers and candy here is what Expectant Mama's Really Want:

Chocolate... Diamonds that is! Gentlemen you can keep your box of chocolates, the caffeine is no good for an expectant mama, but we will except chocolate diamonds like the LeVian ones sold at Jared. Lucky for you fellas, here in Columbus there are Jared locations at Easton, Tuttle and Polaris.

Rest and Relaxation... Oh you didn't think we meant sleep did you? A maternity massage at The Charles Penzone Grand Salon will do just fine (Love Ya!)

Time Away... Far far away, now is a great time to book that babymoon we have been talking about. Just think of the love I will feel when I see those plane tickets.

Seriously, those are some great Valentine's Day ideas if they are within your budget, but here is what Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine lists as no nonsense Valentine's Day Gifts for 2011:

An impeccably clean house
Eight hours of peaceful uninterrupted sleep
A spa day
A night on the town without the kids
A romantic weekend getaway
A tasty homemade meal
Check off some of those handyman projects you have been meaning to get to

Ladies, I hope you get what you are looking for this Valentine's Day, but remember what is important.. A happy healthy pregnancy, so if you don't get that special gift just be satisfied in knowing the best gift of all will soon be here. Your bundle(s) of joy. Happy Valentine's Day!

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